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Wednesday Workshop: Your Money or Your Life!

Date: 23-Jan-2019

As part of our second annual Stewardship Renewal, we will be presenting stewardship themed workshops in January. You can join us for either the morning or evening session each week. We ask that you pre-register so we can ensure we have ample materials for all participants. To register, please contact Debbie Rhodes DebbieR@LWCatholic or call 978-3204212.

January 23, 2019 Workshop: 

8:45 AM - St. Anne Church                      7:00 PM - St. Catherine Church

Your Money or Your Life!

This session, using the book "Your Money or Your Life" by James Phillips, will help us to explore who our culture encourages us to measure our worth by how much we have or earn. At this Scripture based workshop, we will be invited to think deeply and prayerfully about the connections between God and wealth, and how the choices we make can lead us toward or away from the life God wants for us. No matter our income, wrestling with "your money or your life" is important for us all..