Parish Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Parish Office: 978-692-6353, ext. 110

Faith Formation Office (Rel. Ed.): 978-692-5435

St. Vincent de Paul Office: 978-320-4214

You can also use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us.

Pastor:  Rev. Peter F. Quinn, ext. 120 or direct dial 978-320-4201

Parochial Vicar:  Rev. Joseph Rossi, ext. 122 or direct dial 978-320-4202

Deacons:  Deacon William Dwyer  (Click HERE to email Deacon Bill)   and  Deacon Richard Joy

Pastoral Associate:  Sue Gormley, ext. 133 or direct dial 978-320-4210  (Click HERE to email Sue)   

Music Director:  Kelly Clark, ext. 118 or direct dial 978-320-4205  (Click HERE to email Kelly)   

Assistant Music  Director:  Kristen (KiKi) Donahue, ext. 180  (Click HERE to email Kiki)   

Finance and Operations Director / Cemetery Manager:  Dave LeBleu, ext. 125 or direct dial 978-320-4204  (Click HERE to email Dave)   

Stewardship Director:  Debbie Rhodes, ext. 135 or direct dial 978-320-4212  (Click HERE to email Debbie)   

Pastoral Planning and Support Administrator:  Denise Van Veen, ext. 111 or direct dial 978-320-4211  (Click HERE to email Denise)   

Parish Secretary:  Liz Newton, ext. 110  (Click HERE to email Liz)   

Communications (Bulletin/ Weekly Email):  Rita Biagioni ext. 184 (Click HERE to email Rita)
Please Note:  Monday 9:00 AM deadline for submissions (except for holidays)

Faith Formation, K-2:  Jackie Butterfield, ext. 121 or direct dial (978-320-4207) (Click HERE to email Jackie)

Faith Formation, Gr. 3-5:   Arianne Lokuta, ext. 181 or direct dial (978-320-4213)  (Click HERE to email Arianne)

Faith Formation, Gr. 6-8:   Nicole McDonald, ext. 116 or direct dial (978-320-4208)  (Click HERE to email Nicole)

Confirmation Coordinator:  Mary Collins, ext. 115 or direct dial 978-320-4206  (Click HERE to email Mary)   

Faith Formation Administrative Assistants
   Susan Butterfield:  ext. 129 (Click HERE to email Susan)

   Kathy Mancini: ext. 132  (Click HERE to email Kathy)

RCIA Coordinator:  Sharon Laronga  ext. 127  (Click HERE to email Sharon)   

Facilities Manager:  Joe Underhill,ext. 119  (Click HERE to email Joe)   

Rectory Assistant:  Jackie Russell,ext. 141  (Click HERE to email Jackie)  

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