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Our Staff Thanks YOU Sincerely!

Welcome to St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish

(A part of the St. Anne - St Catherine Faith Community)

No matter what your present status is in the Catholic Church,
No matter your current family or marital situation,
No matter your personal history, age, income, background, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, or spirituality,
No matter your own self-image of holiness or virtue 
You belong to Jesus Christ and you belong to us!
You are invited, accepted, and respected here at the St. Anne - St. Catherine Faith Community.
We want to share our Roman Catholic way of faith and life in Christ with you!

Rev. Peter Quinn, Pastor   ~   Rev. Joe Rossi, Parochial Vicar   ~   Rev. David White, Senior Priest (Retired)

Together living our faith 

By joyfully following Jesus through 

Prayer ~ Evangelization ~ Stewardship 

(Collaborative Mission Statement)

Video on Stewardship

The late Msgr. Thomas McGread is often called the “Father of Stewardship.” He was instrumental in the drafting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response. Watch this video to hear Msgr. McGread explain the spirituality of stewardship and the amazing story of how stewardship forever changed Msgr. McGread’s parish — St. Francis of Assisi in Wichita — expanded to the entire diocese of Wichita and has now impacted other parishes across the country.

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23-Sep-2020Praying the Rosary
24-Sep-2020Indoor Mass
25-Sep-2020Indoor Mass
26-Sep-2020Vigil Mass
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