Mass Schedule - Weekend

Updated: September 20, 2020

September 26 - Indoor Mass @ St. Catherine Church - 4:00 PM (registration required - click here to register)

September 27 - Outdoor Mass @ St. Anne Church - 9:00 AM (registration required - click here to register)

Beginning in October, all Masses will be moving indoors. 

The weekend schedule will be:
4:00 PM Saturday - St. Catherine Church
8:30 AM Sunday - St. Anne Church
10:30 AM Sunday - St. Catherine Church

The weekday schedule will be:
8:00 AM Monday and Tuesday - St. Anne Church
8:00 AM Thursday and Friday - St. Catherine Church

Virtual Masses: Since March we've been videotaping a Sunday Mass each week and made that available via email, Facebook and our websites. We will continue to videotape a Mass each week but will soon be transitioning to live-streaming. The live-streamed Mass will be available to watch live and then a recording will be made available for those who want to watch it later in the day. We understand that many of you have health issues or concerns and are not ready to make the transition into the churches. Please be assured that you will still be able to participate in the Mass at home (virtually). We will keep you updated with details, including Mass time, once finalized.