Music Ministry

合唱团, 嘉福悦, 福音, 欢呼,                 

St. Anne- St. Catherine Collaborative Music Ministry

Our music ministry is a warm, welcoming community that strives to proclaim the goodness of God through quality liturgical and pastoral music. 

If you have the gift of music, consider joining one of our ensembles!

Collaborative Adults


  • Adult Ensembles (Director: Kelly Clark)

Our collaborative musicians are invited to help provide music at a weekend liturgy of their choice, at either parish and at any time. Ideally, each Mass is supported by a small instrumental ensemble (guitars, piano, solo instruments, etc.) and a group of singers. Repertoire for these masses tends toward a contemporary style, while still honoring traditional roots. All adult musicians come together once a week to rehearse music for the weekend liturgies.  Musicians are also invited to participate in music for Christmas, Holy Week, and other special liturgies.

Masses:  St. Anne: 4:00, 8:00, 10:00; St. Catherine:  4:00, 9:00 11:00

Rehearsals: Thurs., 7:30- 9:00 pm, STC Church


St. Catherine Youth


  • Teen Ensemble (Director: Kelly Clark)

This ensemble provides music for the 5:30 Sunday evening liturgies that follow the Confirmation program schedule.  Singers from 7th grade and up are supported by a worship band comprised of student and adult musicians.   

Masses:  5:30 pm, Sunday

Rehearsals: Thurs, 6:00-7:00, STC Church


  • Children’s Choir (Director: Kristen Gleason)

The Children’s Choir welcomes children in 2nd-6th grade.  They provide music for the 9:00 AM Mass on the first Sunday of the month and other special liturgies.

Masses:  9:00 AM, 1st Sunday of the month

Rehearsals:  Weds., 6:00-7:00 STC Music Room


St. Anne Youth

  • Youth Choir (Director: Kristen Gleason)

In this ensemble, both new and experienced musicians from 2nd – 12th grade come together to create music that speaks to all ages. Young musicians are mentored by their older peers and advanced musicians are given special responsibilities as cantors or featured in small group pieces.  This group sings together at one grade level mass each month.  They are also invited to sing for additional seasonal liturgies and other special events.  

Masses: 10:00 AM, once a month at a grade level Mass

Rehearsals:  Thurs., 6:00-7:00, STA Church



To contact Kelly Clark - CLICK HERE

To contact Kristen Gleason - CLICK HERE

Or call the Collaborative Music Office at 978-320-4205


That my heart may sing to you and not be silent (Ps. 30:12)