Parent Resources

The Parish Library is upstairs in St. Catherine’s Parish Center Mezzanine. This library is especially for your use; it works on the honor system. (You sign out your books in the white notebook, then when you return the books, you cross out your name.) The books are shelved according to category:

  • 100′s: Bibles and Bible Commentaries
  • 200′s: Books about the Nature of Jesus (Christology)
  • 300′s: Church History
  • 400′s: Saints and Biographies of Religious People
  • 500′s: Church Doctrine
  • 600′s: Theology and Sacraments
  • 700′s: Ministry
  • 800′s: Psychology of Faith, Overcoming Grief, Depression, Abuse or Violence, or Addictions
  • 850′s: Prayer, Medication, Personal Retreats, Prayer Collections
  • 900′s: Other Religious Traditions
  • IN: (green label) Inspirational Books, filed by author
  • INF: (green label) Inspirational Fiction
  • INP: (green label) Inspirational Poetry
  • C: (yellow label) Children’s Books (pre-school-elementary)
  • M: (Multi-media) We are slowly developing an audio and video section as well.


  • Catechism of the Catholic Church online at
  • Catholic Answers online at
  • Catholic Resources online at