In the Rite of Baptism, parents make a commitment to God and to their child to raise them in the Catholic faith. A community of family, friends, music ministers, and priest/deacon gather to welcome these newest members of our church. In Baptism, Jesus shares his divine life with these children, and they become heirs to the Kingdom of God. This is an awesome responsibility and privilege given by God to the parents of the children being baptized.  Amen!

We celebrate the sacrament of Baptism usually once a month for our faith community. The process will involve:

  • Completing a baptism registration form and forwarding it to the Parish Office.

  • Providing an informal family photo (4 x 6) to include in our parish directory.

  • The parents and child(ren) meeting with the priest/deacon at a mutually convenient time to get to know each other, to review the baptism process, and to answer any questions.

  • Parents and Godparents of the child to be baptized will attend a baptismal rehearsal. This rehearsal usually takes place the Friday evening before the date of the baptism (7:00 p.m. in the Church). Please note that the baptism is a ceremony, not a Mass.  

To schedule a baptism or for more information, please contact Liz Newton in the Parish Office at (978) 692-6353, ext. 110 or CLICK HERE to email Liz.