First Eucharist

Our First Eucharist preparation program is designed to help guide children and their parents as they continue their journey of Christian initiation in the life of Christ and his Church. The program provides theology and a vision that affirms the close connection between Baptism and Confirmation, while recognizing the primacy of the Eucharist as the culmination of Christian initiation.

As Christians,we share in the Eucharist each week when we gather as a community for Mass. It is through the rich liturgical symbols and rituals that we are drawn to a deeper understanding and celebration of the mysteries of our faith. Liturgy is a starting point for this sacramental preparation.

Registration for First Eucharist preparation takes place in June/July/August by filling out the standard religious education registration form and mailing or dropping it off at the religious education office. In October and January, parents attend a meeting and are given materials to supplement the preparation of their children for each sacrament. Weekly classes start in October and continue until May. Shortly before receiving First Communion, in March, a First Holy Communion Family Retreat and Supper is held at the church. Rehearsals take place the week before each communion, and the First Communion Masses are celebrated in May.

First Eucharist volunteer opportunities