2020 Renewal

The 2020 Stewardship Renewal took place in January.  This year's theme was "Stewardship Begins at Home."

Stewardship is truly a gift from God, a way to live as His modern-day disciples in this messy, busy, chaotic world.  It is a way of life that, when truly embraced, brings order, purpose, peace and deep fulfillment to our families. 

Each household of our Faith Community is a valuable part of the larger extended church family.  The "Catechism of the Catholic Church" teaches that each of our homes --- can and should be called a domestic church (CCC2204).  That is why it is so important to live as Christian Stewards in every aspect of daily life, beginning right in our very own homes.

Materials were mailed to all households in early January, however they can still be viewed here.  The 2020 Ministry Catalog can be viewed here, but you can also obtain a hardcopy at either of the Parish Offices.


2020 Ministry Catalog          2020 Renewal Brochure          

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Stewardship Renewal Prayer

Generous God,

          I give You thanks for the gifts You have given me -   my life, my family, my friends, my time, talents, and material possessions.

All that I have comes from You. Help me to remember this and rejoice in Your goodness.

Walk with me, my God. Help me on my spiritual journey, so that I may constantly renew my relationship with You and all the good people in our Faith Community - and beyond.

Renew in me Your Spirit. Give me the strength and courage to become a better follower of Jesus – to be a disciple. Help me hear Your call to "Come, follow Me."

I give glory to You, my God, as I make stewardship a way of life.