Mass Videos and Priest Messages

Fr Joe's midweek message, 11/17/20
Celebration of Mass, 4 pm Saturday Livestream 11-14-20
Fr Peter midweek message 11-10-2020
Mass-Livestreamed, 4pm 11-7-2020
Fr Joe's midweek message, Best version of yourself 11-3-20
Fr Peter midweek message
Mass Livestreamed, Saturday, 4 pm, 10/31/2020
10:30 Livestream Mass 10-25-20
4 pm Mass 10-17-2020
Fr Peter impromptu interview 10-20-20
Fr Joe's midweek message of inspiration 10-20-20
Deacon Bill's midweek message 10-13-20
Watch Mass Livestream -click here 10-10-2020
Fr Joe's midweek question, Are you cranky, kind, or blessed? 10-6-20
Celebration of Mass, 27th week of Ordinary time--WATCH LIVE AT 4 pm
Fr Peter midweek update 9-29-20
Finance report (News item-below), 7/2019-6/2020, Jeff Gottschalk 9-23-20
Celebration of Mass, 25th week of Ordinary time 9-20-20
Fr Peter's midweek message- 9-16-2020
celebration of Mass, 24th week in Ordinary time, 9-13-20
Fr Joe's midweek message 9-8-2020
Fr Peter's midweek message 9-2-20
Celebration of Mass, 23rd week of Ordinary time, 9-6-2020
Celebration of Mass, 22nd week of Ordinary time 8/30/2020
Fr Joe's Weekly update 8-25-20
Celebration of Mass, 21st week of Ordinary time 8/23/2020
Fr Peter is back! His midweek message
celebration of Mass, 20th week of Ordinary time 8/16/2020
Fr Joe's midweek update 8-12-2020
Celebration of Mass, 19th week of Ordinary time, 8-9-20
Fr Joe's midweek message 8-4-2020
Celebration of Mass, 18th week of ordinary time 8-2-2020
Celebration of Mass, 17th week of ordinary time 7-26,2020
Mass recording-BLOOPERS-Enjoy!!
Our Staff Thanks YOU Sincerely!
celebration of Mass, 16th Sunday In Ordinary Time 7-19-20
Interview with Sean O'Donnell 7-13-2020
Fr Joe midweek update
Celebration of Mass, 15th Sunday in Ordinary time 7-12-2020
Fr Joe's midweek message
Mass-14th Sunday in Ordinary time 7/5/2020
Fr Joe update-Re: Fr Peter, reopening 7/1/20
At Home With Fr Peter and Fr Joe 6/23/20
Celebration of Mass 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time 6/28/2020
Fr Joe 6/17/2020
Twelfth Sunday Ordinary Time 6.21.20.
Mass-Feast of Corpus Christi 6/14/20
Weekly update from Fr Joe 6-10-2020
Celebration of Mass for Trinity Sunday 6/7/2020
Fr Joe message of patience 6-3-2020
Mass for Pentecost 5/30/20
Fr Peter's update on several important items 5/28/20
Mass for Ascension and the Seventh Sunday of Easter 5/24/20
Fr Joe's message of patience 5-20-2020
St. Anne - St. Catherine Faith Community Mass, 6th Sunday of Easter
Message from Fr. Joe (5/13/20)
Mass on 5th Sunday of Easter (5/10/20)
Announcement from Fr. Peter (5/5/2020)
Mass on 4th Sunday of Easter (5/3/20)
Interview with Fr. Joe (4/29/2020)
Mass on 3rd Sunday of Easter (4/26/20)
Interview with Fr. Peter (4/22/20)
Chaplet of Divine Mercy (4/20/20)
Mass on 2nd Sunday of Easter (4/19/20)
Fr. Joe's Message (4/14/20)
Easter Vigil Mass (4/11/20)
Good Friday Celebration (4/10/20)
Holy Thursday Mass (4/9/20)
Fr. Peter's Message - Holy Week (4/8/20)
Palm Sunday Mass (4/5/20)
Mass on 5th Sunday of Lent (3/29/20)
Mass on 4th Sunday of Lent (3/22/20)
Fr. Joe's Message (3/18/20)
Fr. Joe's Message (3/3/20)