Stewardship Council


The purpose of the Stewardship Council is to encourage parishioners to practice stewardship as an expression of gratitude to God and as a way of life for Disciples of Christ, and to see that active involvement is a means of returning the many gifts we have been blessed with by God.  Council meetings are held monthly. Members organize and participate in numerous events throughout the year. 

Director of Stewardship:  Debbie Rhodes at 978-320-4212 or 

Stewardship Council Co-Chairs:  Laura Doherty and Carolyn Stall

Stewardship Council Members:  Chris Banks, Rita Biagioni, Lisa Dougherty, Deacon Bill Dwyer, Kathy Emberley, Rick Garvey, Sue Gormley,  Vladimir Lemaine, Gloria Rios Monarrez, Bob Stall, Denise Van Veen, Jackie Welham and Fr. David White